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Supply Chain: 4 Hacks That Can Save You Money

The investment involved in a business is huge and it increases as the business expands. However, there are some hacks that can cut down on the business costs without hindering its growth.

In the advent of business activities, supply chain becomes an important part and cannot be ignored.


Business goes smoothly if it’s equipped with necessities. These equipments have to be checked from time to time and as soon as seem to go out of stock, they must be re-ordered. The absence of these business-oriented necessities can lead to delays, resulting in imbalance of other business activities and outcome to be inefficient.


In order to improve the quality, technology and geographic taxes and also cut down on cost, companies reach out to new suppliers.

The search for new and low maintenance suppliers may also lead to lowering of cost by the old supplier.

Request For Quote (RFQ)

The RFQ tool helps in re-sourcing and searching for a new product, service or need as demanded by the business or customer. This tool effectively compares and helps choose the best option of all available.

Knowing and adopting six sigma

Control – The activities of business must be in absolute control. Overdoing or under performance both can affect and alter results.

Define – The parameters of productivity, development, growth, profits and customer satisfaction should be defined.

Measure – The measurement of the business in terms of profit and loss should be kept.

Analyze – It becomes necessary to analyze the outcome of business, be it good or bad.

Improve – If the business is not in good direction, it should be improved. If already in good terms, it should be worked upon to produce the best.

Businesses need to adopt the above mentioned actions and keep a check on their supply chain to manage their costs and increase their profits.

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