Provide end-to-end fulfilment solutions for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.

A partnership with Alexis Global will enable your online retail business to improve productivity, increase profitability, and accelerate product time-to-market while expanding your client base across multiple geographic locations. Increasing consumer demand is boosting the expansion of global e-commerce sales. In the midst of this, almost all online businesses struggle to maintain increasing product data volumes, provide excellent customer support, and handle reverse logistics, such as aftermarket customer support and order fulfilment, especially during peak seasons.

Services include:
  • Increase your company's productivity and efficiency to help it thrive.
  • Allow you to focus on your core business while we handle the rest.
  • Boosting sales and profit margins.
  • Customer fulfilment.
  • Time is saved.
Why Us!

Alexis Global is a leading warehousing and logistics company in India. With its in-house WMS software for real-time operational management and a team of experienced professionals, we can manage 3PL Warehouse services.With the help of its Warehouses and Fleet network in respective locations, we provide Hyperlocal Warehouse storage and delivery solutions in all major cities across India.

Our warehouses in other cities are the safest places to keep goods and plan local deliveries for any business that wishes to expand beyond their cities. eCommerce sellers also use our facilities across India to meet the geo-tagging requirements of eCommerce sites and increase their sales.

We have tailored 3PL Warehouse & Logistics solutions for every industry. Whether it's procurement, order management, simple warehousing, primary/secondary distribution, or a milk run in any city, our team can manage it all with the help of our world-class in-house technology suits' live trace & tracking mechanism. Through our WMS & TMS application, we also provide a variety of reports, customised alert systems, and analytics.

  • Cost Savings
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Scalability
  • 3PL Live Inventory Tracking
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Customer Centric Initiatives
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Best Supply Chain Process