Value Added Services

Assisting in the Reduction of Supply Chain Costs

We understand that your business, like ours, will always require some level of customization. We also understand that things do not always go as planned; deviations do occur. We can assist you in facilitating those one-of-a-kind requirements, changes, or special projects required to satisfy your customer. The following are some of the value-added services we provide in addition to standard storage and handling. Please feel free to inquire about any unusual circumstances you may be experiencing. We'll do our best to find a solution that works for you.

Services include:

Include kitting (multiple items in one package), sub kitting (ability to have kits within kits), packaging, re-packaging & co-packing, promotional packaging, bar-coding, shrink wrapping, product bundling, product inspection, MRP label /hologram sticker application, warranty card insertion, assembly services, documents management, distribution management.

Includes spare parts supply, repair, 1-1 replacement and warranty management, regular availability of components, obsolescence management, spare parts framework contracts, reverse logistics, transportation management.

Includes document scanning, storage & security, easy retrieval, sharing, tracking, revision of documents, distribution of documents, maintain the integrity of the information and data contained, safe and secure document destruction for unwanted or expired documents.

Why Us!

Alexis Global is a leading warehousing and logistics company in India. With its in-house WMS software for real-time operational management and a team of experienced professionals, we can manage 3PL Warehouse services.With the help of its Warehouses and Fleet network in respective locations, we provide Hyperlocal Warehouse storage and delivery solutions in all major cities across India.

Our warehouses in other cities are the safest places to keep goods and plan local deliveries for any business that wishes to expand beyond their cities. eCommerce sellers also use our facilities across India to meet the geo-tagging requirements of eCommerce sites and increase their sales.

We have tailored 3PL Warehouse & Logistics solutions for every industry. Whether it's procurement, order management, simple warehousing, primary/secondary distribution, or a milk run in any city, our team can manage it all with the help of our world-class in-house technology suits' live trace & tracking mechanism. Through our WMS & TMS application, we also provide a variety of reports, customised alert systems, and analytics.

  • Cost Savings
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Scalability
  • 3PL Live Inventory Tracking
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Customer Centric Initiatives
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Best Supply Chain Process