Transportation & Distribution

Dependable, Consistent, and Effective Transport Management

Whether you are seeking to outsource all or part your transportation needs, our global network of logistics bases can help optimize your supply chain. Tailored services and a single point of contact, with high levels of visibility.

Distribution is performed using large trucks, smaller vehicles, our biker network and management of the courier distribution for our clients. The service includes efficient route planning based on the experience of our distribution experts. We plan and execute deliveries as per the decided TATs (turnaround time) and ensure customer delight.

Services include:

From port or manufacturing factories direct to store. Bespoke options include added-value activities, such as assembling POS-ready displays for delivery direct to store, and just-in-time delivery for retail promotions. Our retail industry and supply chain experts can also provide network planning consultancy to exploit those extra opportunities for improved efficiency.

We provide complete returns processing, designed for proper disposal, while minimizing costs. We are proud to be helping companies achieve their CSR commitments to zero landfill policies, collecting, disassembling and transporting parts to appropriate recycling facilities. A single source for all stages in the return process.

We help brands protect their brand loyalty by ensuring quick and correct replacement. Companies in the auto, aerospace and hi tech sectors especially value the way we service their accessories, spares and replacement parts.

Well planned consolidation to optimize pick-up and delivery logistics and trim transportation costs.

Our Intermodal Services specialists design and manage domestic road and rail supply chains, with best practice built in. Solutions that deliver flexibility and reliable lead times, together with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Whenever goods require extra special services in the final mile delivery, we have the necessary expertise. That includes special treatment, such as white glove handling for highly sensitive equipment or works of fine art, or unpacking and product setup at final destination. Even basic training for on-site users. You can be confident that our consultants will work closely with your people to configure the most appropriate network configuration.

Why Us!

Alexis Global is a leading warehousing and logistics company in India. With its in-house WMS software for real-time operational management and a team of experienced professionals, we can manage 3PL Warehouse services.With the help of its Warehouses and Fleet network in respective locations, we provide Hyperlocal Warehouse storage and delivery solutions in all major cities across India.

Our warehouses in other cities are the safest places to keep goods and plan local deliveries for any business that wishes to expand beyond their cities. eCommerce sellers also use our facilities across India to meet the geo-tagging requirements of eCommerce sites and increase their sales.

We have tailored 3PL Warehouse & Logistics solutions for every industry. Whether it's procurement, order management, simple warehousing, primary/secondary distribution, or a milk run in any city, our team can manage it all with the help of our world-class in-house technology suits' live trace & tracking mechanism. Through our WMS & TMS application, we also provide a variety of reports, customised alert systems, and analytics.

  • Cost Savings
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Scalability
  • 3PL Live Inventory Tracking
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Customer Centric Initiatives
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Best Supply Chain Process